August 9, 2020
Ekaterina Chasovskikh's review
Model: KEDR 65
Location: Moscow region, Russia
Interior design: Ekaterina Chasovskikh
Photographer: Olga Shangina-Lesterlen
My miracle house is one year old today! I'm not putting candles in the cake, because the house is wooden!))

I am happy with my choice. And it was love at first sight.

And it's still with me.

I am comfortable in 65 m². I love those huge windows and the tiny bathroom.

I can do a super-general cleaning in 2 hours and clean up a little for the arrival of guests in 10 minutes. I know every corner and every pin. I like the light, the color, and the smell of its walls.
The most frequent question is: is it warm in it? Yes. In any weather. You just need to put the right air conditioner with heating mode. Well, also convectors with wi-fi ... and don't be lazy to fire up the oven (just kidding) The oven is for the mood.

But cooling it down... it's a big problem! A powerful a/c is needed. But first, the correct understanding of insolation. Or, simply put, you need to think when you put a house on a plot, which side to turn it to the sun.

Regarding electricity (after all, the house is completely electric). We've used up 11700 kW in a year. There were two of us: we cooked a lot, cooled down and warmed up stuff, were wearing our usual loungewear, took showers every day. In general, we did not limit ourselves in anything. 11700 kW is about 46800 rubles. Divided by 12 months = 3900 rubles per month.

Among the disadvantages, which, however, were quickly eliminated under the DublDom's warranty: in winter, one of the protective cutout devices got broken, the glass cracked twice in the same place, the elastic bands on the double-glazed units fell off, the toilet broke and fell apart, the air conditioner leaked, the interior door stopped closing and the worst thing was that the floors turned out to be incredibly scratchy and quickly lost their appearance. (What do you expect from the fir-tree? The floor requires other wood).

Would I buy this house again? Yes! Well, maybe just a new model. Would I recommend it to my family? Well... very carefully

I plan replanning in the future (I apologize for the tautology): I wanna add a bathroom and enlarge the bedroom. How???!!! Easy!

And in the end, treat everything easier, friends! Home is what you have inside.

Large windows, non-standard appearance, simple solutions, ease and speed of installation... it's definitely all about me.

And about love ♥