External dimensions of the house without the verandas (HxWxD): 13x31.3x53.1 ft
Living area: 1108 sqft
Building area: 1679 sqft
Ceiling heigth: 6.07-10.76 ft

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
  • insulation - 8 inches,
  • triple glazing (inner layer with energy efficient layer),
  • wooden doors and windows with triple glazing,
  • hidden wiring plumbing and sanitary,
  • bathroom with washbasin, toilet and bath,
  • boiler 80 liters,
  • built-in electrical and recessed main switchboard,
  • indoor and outdoor lighting,
  • interior decoration: wood trim, wooden floor in the common area, mosaics and wood trim in the bathroom,
  • outdoor covering: ventilated facade of brushed metal painted as standard, wood trim of the side and rear facade,
  • heated floors in the bathroom,
  • side panoramic windows,
  • stove with chimney and installation,
  • installation on the site (up to 50 miles from Denver).
Additional expenses
  • delivery of modules from production to the site,
  • crane rental,
  • basement (screw piles),
  • furniture & accessories,
  • costs associated with installation more than 70 miles from production.