We invite you to join the DublDom team and offer to open the production of modular houses according to a license agreement.
Looking to the future. With us, you become part of a team developing affordable and high-quality modular architecture all over the world. When we create a modern and eco-friendly product, we take care of our planet and the future of our children

Enjoy your work and earn money. We earn together thanks to a well-known trademark, proven technology, extensive team experience and automation systems.

Why with us, and not on your own? Together with DublDom you get a ready-made solution and you don't need:
- search for designers and production technologists,
- engage in product design and production technology,
- spend money on marketing,
- we use automation systems, which helps us to better control processes and increase production efficiency,
- you get updates on the technology of existing projects and new models.

To support our partners:
- CRM sales system,
- production automation system,
- engineering documentation- instructions for the production of a Dubldom,
- instructions for installation of a Dubldom,
- technological charts of production processes,
- selling website,
- instructions for the organization of production, placement of equipment in the workshop, a list of equipment for production.

You will need:
- adaptation of technology to local standards and materials with our project team,
- organization of sales in your region,
- organization of production and installation team in your region,
- production and installation of the exhibition house.

Support during the production start-up stage. We help to properly organize technological processes in the workshop, select and arrange equipment, train the team, adapt the personnel motivation system to your conditions, and share all the invaluable experience gained

Support and control at the stage of doing business:
- quality control of manufactured products,
- updates of project documentation,
- information support in social networks,
- updating the model range,
- joint activities.

Don't make our mistakes. We are pioneers and leaders in the market of modular country houses in Russia. Since 2013, we experienced rapid growth of the company and forced closures related to the political situation. We quickly opened new workshops and easily closed existing production with minimal losses. We have a lot of experience working with partners, including an unsuccessful one. We know the standard mistakes of new teams and understand how to avoid them. Not in words, but in practice, we know how to organize efficient production, create affordable and high-quality modular houses, and make money on it.

DublDom in Russia today:
- an effective model of production organization. Approximately 3 people are needed to create 1 house per month,
- profitable Double House-service for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of houses,
- a large selection of options and accessories for country life,
- own furniture production,
- a team of partners for all work related to the country house and equipment,
- more than 1,900 installed houses,
- the best clients and community of owners of Dubldom, giving feedback and coming back to us again and again,
- experience in B2C and B2B formats, including the creation of villages with more than 100 houses,
- the Doubldomclub project, combining rental DublDom.

Investments in the opening of production:
- equipment and tools $100,000-250,000,
- workshop rent $ 7,000-15,000/month,
- staff in the first months of training $ 50,000-150,000,
- lump sum payment of $ 150,000.

* the amount of investment is indicative and depends on your region.
Return on investment: 1 year with the sale of at least 25-30 houses.

Our partner requirements:
- long-term contracts,
- sale and production of at least 50 houses per year (starting from the second year),
- compliance with standards and requirements for the quality of a DublDom,
- production and sale of standard models only.

Terms of partnership:
- lump sum payment of $ 150,000,
- royalties ~10% of the value of the products sold.
To become a part of our history - ivan@dubldom.com