"Our house in the "Village" is the center of attraction"
Nalya and Dima Chernye are easy-going, adventurous people. They traveled around Europe on a motorcycle, conquered one of the famous The Camino de Santiago routes on bicycles, went on a ski tour in the vicinity of Lake Baikal. And they chose the DublDom for the same reasons — for ease of installation and the ability to avoid construction hassle as much as possible.
Model: KEDR 65
Location: Moscow region, The "Village" by the Flacon design factory, Russia
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner

The most important thing In Nalya and Dima's house is to offer space for creativity, receive guests and enjoy communication.
The house of Nalya, Dima and their children — Aglaya and Akim - is located on the edge of the forest in the creative community "Village". This village is a project of the Flacon design factory, located 110 kilometers from Moscow along the Minsk highway. On a wide field surrounded by a forest, a hostel made of containers, domed houses for rent, and public spaces are comfortable located. Nearby there is a large clean pond, where people relax, swim, and SUP-surf in summer.
The summer season begins with riding SUP. This entertainment involves not only guests of Nalya and Dima, but also residents of the "Village".
The concept of the village allows people, both residents and guests, to be open, communicate, create joint creative projects. Visitors can rent houses for the weekend, for example on Maslenitsa, Midsummer, "Big New Year's Bonfire" or other events that are held here regularly. Or you can become a resident and settle in the "Village" on a permanent basis. At the same time, it is important to follow the rules of the community, one of which says - no long-term construction and high fences. Unusual architecture is welcome here — domed and modular houses, houses made of sea containers. The DublDom fits perfectly into this concept.
A lot of furniture was remade by Nalya's hand in the living room, - old armchairs were reupholstered, chairs and inherited bedside table were repainted. The table was made by Nalya's great-grandfather.
Dima and Nalya were among the first to see the potential of the "Village" project. Before buying a plot here, they lived for many years in the summer cottage of Dima's parents, in the construction of which a lot of time and effort was invested.

"In total, we spent seven years finishing and remodeling the parental house," Dima says. — This is a warm, great house, my father is a design engineer, everything is smart here, a huge basement, everything is thought out, including options for further expansion of the house. But I was constantly in need of doing something around the house - improving, finishing or repairing. And there was another disadvantage — we understood that none of our friends would ever buy a plot next to us - because there are no more vacant plots in the village."
This is a truly family house, in which we make a slide on the stairs in winter,
and in summer there are hammocks and swings on the terrace and nearby.
Nalya and Dima wanted friends to settle nearby and to create their own community and social circle for children. But in reality, it turned out that not only old friends come to the "Village", but also a huge number of new interesting people, and the Chernye family as residents can directly influence the formation of a community and an emotional atmosphere in the village.

"At least our social circle has changed, we realized that it makes sense to attract people to us," Nalya says. Their DD 65 is constantly full of guests, even during the first interview in February, several couples arrived, with whom we built an igloo together in the evening.
There is a climbing wall on the outer wall between the bedrooms.
Dima also built a light summer terrace here, which the whole family later painted red with the help of guests.
During the summer heat, it's great not only to drink coffee here in the morning, but also to lie on pillows and take a nap during the day.
This DublDom is the only one in the "Village" so far. It turns out that Dima was thinking about Ivan Ovchinnikov's project even before buying the plot, after he saw a publication in Vedomosti about the participation of a modular house in an architectural competition.

"The main quality of the DublDom for me is its readiness," says Dima. — I mean, I spent only three days installing it. Oddly enough, people underestimate this. And it is not always possible to explain the value of this to a person who had no experience in construction or repair."
There is a fire pit in front of the house, around which family friends gather in the evenings.
The guys changed the layout of the standard KEDR 65 for their needs - they made a separate bedroom for Akim instead of the hallway, installing a door in the doorway Jackets and winter shoes were moved to the storage room. Two of the three bedrooms overlooks the forest, a climbing wall was built on the house wall between them, and a swing was installed next to it. Dima also built a light terrace here, which was repainted red in the summer of 2018 with all his family and friends. The windows in the room of the eldest daughter Aglaya and in the parents' bedroom face the east, meeting the dawn, and through the stained-glass windows of the living room you can watch the sunsets.

This location of the house - when the terrace overlooks the south - is recommended by the architect of the DublDom. In the warm season, the terrace canopy hides the stained-glass window of the living room from the high summer sun and reduces the heating of the house, and in the cold season, the low winter sun additionally warms the house, and so that the convectors are turned off during the day.
As the mayor of the "Village", Nala also accepts new residents, each of whom brings something new.
The neighbors have not built anything yet and the house is in an open field near the forest, but there will be a lot of space around in any case — the territory of the plot is 3700 square meters.

"It is important for us that we can be separated from our neighbors not by a physical fence, but by distance," says Nalya.
alya and Dima's DublDom has a real guest book in which people leave wishes. Sometimes it's poems or paintings.
In their bedroom there is a bright IKEA dresser.
The Akim's room was converted from the hallway of the standard KEDR 65
In 2018, the guys built a shed according to their project, in which they store garden tools and unused things, in the summer of 2019 they plan to install a bathhouse. What was originally conceived as a summer cottage has become much bigger.
On the spacious terrace there was a place for a swing, a dining table, and a grill.
"I realized that our DublDom is not just a house, not just a summer cottage, it's a huge, huge space that energetically contains much more than 65 square meters—"Nalya says. - People come to this house in order to understand their real desires, in isolation from everyday affairs, habits. We have master classes in our house, which I hold myself, or invite artists, ceramists, architects, soap makers, and we create something together. In our house, every time we arrive, there are such moments of hygge; playing board games, having dinner together and long conversations. Sometimes we play Pictionary or alias, or we sit by the fire and cook something on sticks. And often we broach the very deep topics. Now almost all our meetings with friends are concentrated here."
Aglaya, Nalya, Dima and Akim Chernye.
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photos: Ksenia Ryzhkova