"The rhythm of freedom"
According to producer Lena, DublDom is like a movie made about her. On this set, a fragile and gentle hostess realizes the decortication talent, but also she creates furniture, builds fences, wields a chainsaw. In general, she does a job that makes the neighbors tremble. We had a chance to watch a fragment of this movie after spending one fall day at the plot.
Model: KEDR 65
Location: Moscow region, Russia
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner
Like many things on the plot, Lena made a wicker fence with her own hands.
Wandering through the streets of a standard village in New Riga, I clearly understand that I do not see a DublDom in these decorations. I call Lena, she tells me that I need to drive up to the fence following secret signs. A hidden beauty opens up behind it — a road strewn with rubble through the forest. There were also powerful oaks, shapely maples and thick fir trees. Between the forest and the field, in fact, almost on the edge, there is several spacious plots of the old horticultural society. Lena hospitably opens the gates of an unusual fence - it is based on a metal frame, which is tightly braided with walnut rods. It turned out that this fence, and a wooden picket fence between the plots, and a firewood, and some paths, and even a bench, our heroine made with her own hands. "A neighbor was having a discussion at work about whether a woman should do so much herself," Lena laughs. Apparently, the hostess is doing fine: we are surrounded by perfect order — a small spicy vegetable garden, lawn, oak. Lena, swearing, drops the acorns. "Everything is fine in the summer, but in the fall they bother me a little, they constantly fall on the roof of the house," she says.
Lena's friends jokingly call the fire pit with sun loungers set in a circle "Dom-2".
However, no one refuses to sit in the open air.
A wooden path leads to the flooring, on which there are two shacks, painted gray. First one is a workshop and the second one is a guest house. These buildings are temporary, they will be replaced by DD 43, in which there will be a sauna and yoga. A DD Barn 23 will be installed at the back of the plot, in which a workshop is planned. Some of the paths are paved with cobblestones, its rough texture sets a slightly different mood and brings us to DD 65 with an enlarged back terrace. Here the hostess meets the dawn and sunbathes here, but strictly until 10 am. Lena made a fire pit on the side, behind a lush spruce tree, and putted sun loungers around it. Her daughter and her friends especially love this place— it's good to sit together under the starlight, listen to music and watch the flames.
The hostess repainted the table in the living room in her favorite mint blue color, later it was supplemented by a folding sofa of a similar shade.
We go into the house, and a Buddha figure meets us in the hallway. In the corner of the living room, next to the oven, there is a massive armchair with "ears". The armchair attracts attention quite rightly — it is a participant of the important for Lena online project "CHITALKIN", in which not only famous artists read their favorite books, but also children and their parents.

However, now "CHITALKIN" is more than a YouTube channel — it has gone beyond the online territory and turned into reader contests and a club of the same name, which appeared in the children's libraries of New Moscow, Zelenograd, Khanty-Mansiysk and far northern villages.

Lena has been producing for a long time, in recent years she has been engaged in the Foundation for the Support and Development of Cinematography for Children and Youth "little CINEMA". The desire to engage in children's cinema came after she shot commercials and music videos for many years, and then produced two full-length movies. Of course, starting a conversation about the foundation and creative projects, we inevitably come to common acquaintances, discussing the current situation and the special environment that arises near people who have chosen DublDom.
The armchair is interesting not only because it is an important part of the CHITALKIN project. Once Lena gave it to friends, there was a fire in their office. The chair, one of the few surviving things, was restored and returned to the owner.
Lena, a resident of the noisy center of Moscow, had a dream of a country life for quite a long time. Three years ago, a plot was bought, densely overgrown with unkempt garden trees, with an old house filled with traces of someone else's life. Lena cleared it, resolutely dismantled the garden house. "Yes, I was specifically looking for an old horticultural society, but I had to take out fifteen KAMAZ trucks of garbage," she admits with a laugh. All that remained of that house was a photograph on a bookshelf and the back of an antique chair turned into a frame. In general, the walls of the living room are decorated with many frames, often empty, as if hinting that everyone can fill them according to their own desire, understanding and imagination.
There are also vintage items in the decor, for example, a suitcase, picturesquely located on a rack.
While the plot was being cleared, Lena ordered the project to a young talented architect. The house he created was also supposed to be framed, but the total cost was significantly higher than expected. Then the architect recommended to pay attention to the DublDom as a project with a similar ideology. The sent link has been patiently waiting in the mail for about a year. Then Lena went to the website and realized that here it is, a real opportunity to build a house. At the same time, it was partially built on borrowed money. "First, the bank was captured, then she created the plan step by step, held a tender among contractors and eventually took those who were offered by DublDom. The foundation was made according to all the rules, so that the installers praised me very much, then they put the house up and I moved in," the hostess says.
The memory of the old house was a photograph on the bookshelf.
KEDR 65 was installed on June 13, 2018. Over the summer, Lena filled the space with her favorite items — the bookcase from IKEA and the beds, the kitchen and the dining table made by the DublDom furniture production. However, the hostess repainted the table. Decorative items were mainly bought in IKEA stores, Leroy Merlin, H&M Home.

I ask a banal question, how long has Lena been coming up with the interior. "I went to Zhukovka and at the same time I got used to where the kitchen would be. I had a question about the location of the table, but when you start living in a house, your body itself migrates on business, laying routes. I agree that the DublDom is a place of your individuality, you start to get used to it, to live, to invent, to bring something. Large windows are your connection with nature. This is a light house in which you live and breathe, and you breathe through these windows," she replies.
There is a lot of lavender in the decor of the house.
Lena seems to be an easy-going person in a way of making and implementing decisions. She boldly took a loan, figured out the problems, without losing the love of life, optimism and cordiality of a hospitable hostess. There are a lot of guests here, almost every weekend Lena and her adult daughter's friends come. Many become clients of the DublDom or at least sympathizers. Perhaps the reason for this is the infectious example of the heroine. Of course, among friends there are those who repeat the old joke about the thermal imager. But Lena also has an answer for them: "For me, DublDom is more about accepting the general concept. You are either here, in a light house, on a par with nature, but in good conditions, or not. You need to visit it and feel whether it is yours or not, as in everything. And then, this house can really be dragged around like a reticule."
It's interesting that many ideas flow from one DublDom to another. So, following the example of another of our heroine, Elena Walter, a factory cast-iron oven was found on the Avito. It was sandblasted at a car wash, covered with fireproof varnish and installed under the oven instead of a standard iron sheet.
The hostess pours us herbal tea and puts her producer's happiness on plates — a classic rum balls. We fire the oven up and look at the smoke rising from the chimney.

"I clearly understand that this is suitable for my life. This is a place where I come to relax, listen to what I listen to, watch what I want to watch. This is my rhythm that I create," Lena says thoughtfully. — And, of course, DublDom is a super option in a way of easy, fast, inexpensive and individual construction. Respect to the creator. It's like your movie, you watch it and understand: how could he make a movie about me?"
"I feel the places for houses myself," Lena says. — I feel this house with my skin, and my skin is its perimeter. It's not a problem for me to drill, to cover up, to spackle. I am responsible for every inch here".
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photo: Julia Sverchkova