Chickens, rental business and Instagram — how moving from Moscow to the village changed life
Nina and Maksim became the second couple who responded to our call on Instagram, and the first to whom we came after a long break caused by the pandemic. It turned out that quarantine has quite radically changed the lives of our heroes.
Model: BAOBAB 103 и VISHNYA 23
Location: Moscow region, Russia
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner
The total area of the plot is 2000 square meters.
The house where Nina, Maksim and their three younger children live is located in the valley of the Nara River, on a hilly plot. For the DublDom the location is the most advantageous - its panoramic window turned to the flood-meadow, river and forest. As the guys say, they don't even need a TV - the picture outside the window is constantly changing, just like the stories on the National Geographic channel.

The family bought this plot in the village 13 years ago. The goal was to buy plot with a small house to immediately start coming to the village. After a long search, the house did not appear in their life, but the 0,25 acres plot appeared, it was instantly bought on the day of viewing. They were bribed by the river valley, the view of the forest, and the field, which was a water protection zone. However, after a few years, this status was removed and the horticultural society quickly appeared on a tasty morsel. Fortunately, from Nina and Maksim's DublDom only the roofs of two-storey houses are visible, which do not block the fantastic view of the forest.

They began the plot developing from a shuck. It's hard to imagine it now, but the whole family used to spend nights in it and sometimes even guests stayed here. Then they put up a log house, which was supposed to become a bathhouse, but remained a guest house. The bathhouse was completely replaced by a Furako barrel located on the terrace. It took a while to expand the territory to 2000 square meters — for five years Nina and Maksim persuaded a neighbor to sell his plot. When everything worked out, the dream of a new spacious house began to turn into reality.
BAOBAB 103 is connected by a shared terrace with VISHNYA 23, which serves as a guest bedroom, dressing room, storage room, laundry room and office.
Both liked the concept of the DublDom immediately, but at that time the largest model was KEDR 65, and for a family of seven people (the eldest children — Maksim and Dima — 22 and 23, respectively), its area was clearly not enough. There was an idea to put two houses of 65 meters each, but the desire to live under a common roof outweighed.

Then they asked their neighbors for help, one of whom is an architect, and the other is a builder. The discussion of the house project began, but in February 2018 the family left for a traditional vacation in the Paanajärvi National Park.

"There is no connection there at all, we live in wooden houses without comfort, water is from the river, toilet is outside. But you can fully devote time to each other, - says Nina. — We left for Moscow, I checked Instagram and saw that the DublDom has a model 103. On the same day as we returned home, we went to the exhibition area and immediately signed the contract. And that's how we became the first buyers of this model."
Nina is in her kitchen.
Black kitchen facades are not the most practical, but they look very impressive.
Three months later, in the summer, the house and the VISHNYA 23 were installed on the plot. "On Sunday, all the neighbors left, and on Monday installers got us the DublDom. They installed modules in a day. The rest of the week the guys were finishing and connecting stuff," Maksim recalls. — The next weekend a neighbor came, looked at the house in amazement and said: "Max, I didn't understand it. Last Sunday you only had the foundation, how is that possible? What kind of new technologies are these, I've never seen that before?! "».
A soft sofa in the living room was bought in the Roomer furniture center, a dining table made of solid oak of Belarusian production.
West Highland White Terrier named Knopa and her daughter Dunya.
Both houses were furnished pretty quickly, however, after spending three days in different IKEA stores. Laconic black facades were chosen for the kitchen, and cabinets with a refrigerator and an oven were placed in the hall. "We also found this solution at IKEA, but there are no sockets provided on this wall at the DublDom, so I installed them myself," Maksim explains. Instead of cumbersome cabinets, light honeycomb-shelves appeared above the long work surface, which became Maksim's gift to his wife. The only thing in this house that was not bought in IKEA is a soft sofa in the living room and a dining table.
Marianna loves her bedroom the most in the house.
But the very first thing in the new house became the yellow armchair "with ears". "I dreamed that I opened my eyes, and there was a yellow armchair in my bedroom, and this was the first item bought in a new house," Nina says. — When the house was installed, we, of course, immediately dragged it into the living room. And so it is here."
The yellow armchair "with ears" is the first item that appeared in the new BAOBAB 103.
Quarantine has set Nina and Maksim a new trajectory. Having moved into the house in March (initially the family came only for the weekend), they no longer wanted to return to the Moscow apartment, they switched to a distance work (both work in the IT), the middle children went to a local school, and Andrei went to kindergarten. And only the older ones stayed with their grandmother in Moscow.

"A school bus is coming for the children, a bus stop is nearby in the village. Next to the secondary school there is an art school and a swimming pool for Marianna. Danya, the goalkeeper, moved from the Moscow club to the local Serpukhov club. In addition to big football, he started going to the mini-football section—" Nina and Maksim say. - We have a kindergarten behind the forest. There is a former military town, in which there was a children's group of only 12 children with absolutely amazing educators. So far, we are driving by car, but in the fall we all rode a bike together."
A large library was placed in the hall. The bookshelves are made from boxes bought at IKEA.
Desperate travelers - Nina and Maksim drove more than half a million kilometers by car. The geography of trips is extensive: Europe, Georgia, Russia - almost always with children, even the youngest. In campsites, camper trucks and houses, but most importantly - constantly on the move. Even in a five-star hotel in Sri Lanka, where they got out without kids, they got bored on the third day and rushed to explore the island on a rental car.

Without thinking twice, this year the guys decided to realize another dream: "In retirement we want to have a house in the Alps and rent it through Airbnb." But why wait for the Alps when the former bathhouse is empty? So a new hobby appeared, bringing not only joy, but also income. "We really liked it — it seemed like we moved to the village, but in fact more people began coming to us and there was more communication," Nina shares. Guests like to go on an excursion to the DublDom, after which some of them even got in line to buy it. Thanks to renting the house, Nina began to professionally develop her Instagram page.
Time in nature is priceless.
Since Nina and Maksim moved out of town, they started raising chickens. Initially there were more of them, but five were dragged away by a fox.
She also has chickens that live in a warm coop and delight the family with fresh eggs for breakfast.

Electricity costs are small. The average value for the year when we lived permanently in the house:

Day 1300 kW
Night 740 kW

According to the village tariff, this is 7,200 rubles.

We have two boilers, two underfloor heating, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, oven, two refrigerators and freezer plus heating.

The experience of renting a house pushed them to a new adventure — Nina and Maksim have just bought a plot by the river and want to put a couple of houses on it for family holidays and ecotourism development in the area by the summer. So far, they are thinking about the layout and organization of a new project.
A cat named Derbent became a member of the gang in the summer of 2020 - Nina and Maksim together went to Dagestan by car and once stopped for the night at a hotel in Derbent. At night, they found a poor flea-ridden kitten at the door of the room. In the morning, instead of going to the fortress, they went to the veterinary pharmacy. So Derbent became a member of the family.
Surprisingly, the cat perfectly adapted to the car and drove all of Dagestan and more than 2000 kilometers to Moscow.
Traditionally, I asked what attracted this family to the DublDom. "I always wanted a house, even on vacation we preferred to rent houses rather than apartments. And I dreamed of big windows and a spacious living room, so I feel very good here," Nina answers. "Life in the DublDom is about freedom and space—" Maksim adds. —But in general, I just feel awesome here."
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photos: Ksenia Ryzhkova